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Wehas all sorts of teaching locations in China. Whether you want to live in a big, bustling city like Shanghai or a third tier city like Changchun, we have the right school for you! Keep reading to learn about the differences in first-, second-, and third-tier cities in China.

Salaries are typically related to the cost of living in your preferred location in China. This means that even though you might be earning less in a smaller city, your salary and salary package are comparable to what you are earning in a large city like Shanghai or Beijing. Smaller city packages tend to pay less, but they include more salary perks and the cost of living is cheaper, which means you’ll still be able to save a large portion of your paycheck each month. Larger city packages do pay more, but salary perks are typically built into your monthly salary.

No matter where you go, you’ll have access to everything you need to make you comfortable for your year abroad, including access to other expats in the area.

About Shanghai

Often referred to as the New York City of the East, Shanghai is the perfect place to experience China’s upbeat and exciting lifestyle. Its unique colonial past has intertwined itself with an opportunistic and positive future that shows no signs of slowing down. There will certainly be no lack of excitement for those lucky enough to teach English in Shanghai! Whether you’re next to a modern skyscraper or in a tiny dumpling shop, you’ll find culture and fun all around.

A rewarding job teaching kindergarten kids

Kindergarten ESL teaching jobs, also known as homeroom, preschool or nursery teaching jobs are an extremely rewarding and exciting job and an opportunity to have a whole lot of fun while playing an important role in a child’s early language and social development. Students are aged from 3 to 6 years old and class sizes can range from 12 to 25 students per class.

Kindergarten students do not have long attention spans so your lessons will be made up of a variety of short activities and interactions, usually no more than 10 minutes each. Kids love to play, so classes incorporate fun English based games, activities, story telling, puppets, songs, dance, drawing and flashcard games to keep things engaging. These days technology plays a big part in the classroom and many schools feature interactive, touch screen whiteboards in the classroom.

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