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About Cambodia:

Cambodia's full name is the Kingdom of Cambodia, which is known as Cambodia. It locates in the central south peninsula, west and northwest border with Thailand and northeast border with Laos, adjacent to the east and southeast and Vietnam, its south facing Siam rowan.

Capital: Phnom Penh

Population: 15,405,157

Climate: Tropical monsoon climate, the annual average temperature of 29-30 degrees, from to October for the rainy season, from November to April for the dry season。

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 Starting Date

The program begins on Monday of every week and ends on Friday. Participants need to arrive on Sunday. We provide free pickup service every Sunday.
(We accept applications all year round and applications should be submitted at least one month in advance)


One week to three months. (submitted one month in advance)


siem reap ( the city Angkor Wat located), Cambodia


Volunteers will be accommodated together in a hostel. Two volunteers will share a clean room with basic shower equipment and air conditioner. Each accommodation has a permanent staff, he can consult for transportation and other matters. Cambodia is undeveloped, the living condition is limited. The speed of wi-fi is slow. (please respect the staff's working hours, try not to bother them at midnight, please DO NOT talk loudly after 22:00)


Volunteers will be served 3 meals per day from Monday to Friday, breakfast is only available at weekend. The breakfast will be served by the hostel, other meal will be served by the local school. Local condition is limited, the southeast Asian cuisine is different from Chinese cuisine, participants can bring sauce or snacks according to personal taste. If anyone plans to eat outside, please inform the host family in advance.


✦ International volunteering certificate issued by local NGO (can be used to apply for universities, enrich your resume)
✦ A refreshed understanding of the world and life
✦ Forming strong bonds with fellow volunteers with vastly different cultures and backgrounds
✦ Improving your comprehensive quality
✦ Improving English-speaking skills(24/7 in the English speaking atmosphere)


Monday to Friday morning and afternoon(optional) for volunteer service time, afternoon and weekend can travel on their own.

An orientation will be held in the evening of the arrival date, the meeting generally includes self-introductions, the introduction and precautions of Cambodia, and other information. Volunteers are usually arranged to attend the morning (8:00 am-11:00am) classes and afternoon(1:30 pm-4:30pm) teaching classes, we will arrange every participant's teaching schedule in advance, and share it in the WeChat group in advance.
The rest of the time is free to travel. In order to ensure the participants' safety, participant should tell the travel plan to local staff. Hotel staff can help coordinate the matters such as transportation, activities, participant is responsible for all the problems of safety and travel fees. (Gapper does not provide related services, the opinion is for reference only.)

Note: all activities of the time for the standard, but has not ruled out because of special circumstances, if there are some changes by the local staff, we hope you can understand.

Volunteers on the School Teaching Program impart knowledge to students in local schools and the teaching materials need to be prepared by volunteers themselves. Teaching volunteers work by themselves or alongside local teachers and other volunteers, teaching subjects such as, English, Math, Science, Social Studies (Geography and History), Art and Physical Education.

The teaching timetable is as below:
8:00-9:00 am English Teaching
9:10-10:10 am Chinese Teaching
11:00-12:00 am lunch break
14:00-15:00 pm English Teaching
15:10-16:10 pm Chinese Teaching

Volunteers will be teaching in mainly two schools. One is Gapper sponsored school--New School, which has 4 classes, and the average age for students is 10. The other one is an orphanage school --Old School.

As volunteers work with the support of Gapper’s local team and placement staff, they do not need to be qualified or experienced teachers to participate, but a good command of the English language is vital. Therefore, we still need them to provide English certificate if English is not their mother language.


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Professional Team to serve behind all the candidates
Dedication in International Education Field
Official Education Department for more than 20 years
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